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April 04, 2013

Christian singer Matthew West, is a musical storyteller. His latest album, “Into the Light,” is inspired by stories submitted by fans. One story in particular reached out to him and became the driving force for the second song on his album, “Hello My Name Is.” He tells the story of Jordan Jeffers, a young man who was saved at the age of 9, became a stellar athlete and attended Cumberland College, a Christian school in Kentucky.  But he fell into prescription drug addiction after getting injured.
Jordan tried to keep his life together but the drugs took a toll. He was kicked out of school and he stole from friends and family to maintain his addiction.  His parents sent him to get help for his drug problem. He was able to heal through God and turned his life around.
In West’s song, he sings “God has called us out of the darkness into the marvelous light,” from Peter 2:9. This rings true for Christians wandering in the darkness of addiction.
Addiction destroys families, careers, health and eats away at your soul. When you are in the grips of it, you don’t care about anything else and have no energy to focus on the most important thing in life: Your relationship with God. It’s no surprise that addiction makes you think and feel that you are not worthy of God’s mercy or love, but the reality you are one of His chosen people, His special possession. He is there for you if you seek Him. God’s mercy and love has no end.

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