Options for Opiate Withdrawal Treatment

Options for Opiate Withdrawal Treatment

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: August 10, 2016

Every drug addiction should be treated as though it’s a life and death situation. When it comes an addiction to heroin and other opiates, the danger often escalates to the point where finding help becomes crucial. Along with the need for professional rehabilitation, you need to know your opiate withdrawal treatment options.

The Dangers of Opiate Addiction

The numbers related to opiate addiction are both startling and frightening. Based on a 2014 American Society for Addiction Medicine study, nearly 25% of all heroin users become addicted. Furthermore, opiate-based prescription drugs accounted for almost 19,000 deaths, while heroin accounted for just under 10,600 overdose deaths. Combined, all opiate-based substances were responsible for over 60% of the drug-related deaths in America. These statistics make it abundantly clear that opiates pose a direct threat to users’ lives. The Internet is filled with proposed methods for battling opiate addiction, but only one works consistently. That’s professional treatment from a licensed drug and alcohol treatment program like Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, Florida.

What to Know About Opiate Withdrawal Treatment

Detox is the first step in opiate withdrawal treatment. Given the dangers related to withdrawal, it’s important to choose the safest option possible. Under no circumstances should anyone try to stop their opiate addiction on their own without consulting a doctor. Unsupervised opiate withdrawal can be more devastating than the addiction itself. Instead, there are two viable options that many clinicians recommend. The first one is withdrawal treatment at home with prescribed withdrawal medications. This option is ideal for patients who seem physically and mentally capable of maintaining control. For patients with long-standing and deep-rooted opiate addiction, an in-house, medically-monitored detox is preferred. This option presents the safest, most comfortable way for patients to go through painful withdrawal symptoms with minimal risk.

Opiate Withdrawal Treatment at Lakeview Health

Opiate withdrawal treatment at Lakeview Health starts with a medically-monitored detox process under the watchful of eye of licensed medical staff. We monitor patients, tending to medical and nutritional needs to make sure their bodies and minds receive the tools necessary for a safe detox. After detox has been successfully completed, patients can begin a treatment program including therapy, family counseling and dual diagnosis therapy when prescribed. After release from the facility, we encourage patients to participate in aftercare programs and activities. Don’t quit using opiates cold-turkey. Call Lakeview Health today at (866) 704-7692.