Opioids – Friend or Foe?

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October 14, 2014

Billy Heckle, RPh., CAC

opioids-friend-or-foeOctober 15th, 2014, Noon – 1p.m. ET
1 CEU available
This presentation will discuss how prescription opioids, when used correctly, are irreplaceable for pain relief and the reduction of suffering. On the other hand, when these medications are abused as recreation drugs, they can cause serious problems in all parts of a person’s life, including the possibility of death. The presentation will cover Opioid terminology, reasons for self-medication, medical uses and some pain /opioid myths. Addiction, physical dependence and withdrawal will also be discussed.


  1. Understand the proper terminology when discussing opioids
  2. Understand some of the reasons for opioid abuse and/or self-medication
  3. Know the difference between Addiction and Physical Dependence
  4. Understand how the under treatment of pain can cause as many or more problems as Addiction / Abuse


Billy Heckle is a registered pharmacist and certified addictions counselor with expertise in researching, analyzing and presenting to various audiences. He is versed in developing Psychopharmacology training programs focusing on alcohol/drug issues and co-occurring substance use and behavioral health concerns. He has provided direct individual, group, and family addiction counseling services for over 18 years. He has developed training curriculums for professionals about current AOD and Co-occurring treatment issues. He serves on the Recovering Professional Program Advisory Board, is an active member of NAADAC/SCAADAC, a member of the SC Pharmaceutical Association, and serves on the Governor’s Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Council 2014.

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