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August 20, 2010

Although prescribed by doctors, prescription drugs can be just as lethal as heroin, cocaine, and other street drugs. Prescription drug addiction has become a growing epidemic throughout the country. Doctors prescribe prescription drugs to help individuals with psychological and physiological issues. Quite often prescription drug abuse starts when individuals who need prescription drugs for one reason or another start to take them because they are either physically or mentally addicted. Prescription drug abuse can happen very quickly. It can take just a couple of short months before addiction surfaces. Once addicted to prescription drugs, abuse is a hard cycle to break.

When used properly and as prescribed, prescription drugs can have worthwhile effects. Opiates such as hydrocodone and OxyContin are prescribed to individuals that suffer from chronic pain or when recovering from surgery. Those who suffer from anxiety may be prescribed benzodiazepines, such as Valium or Xanax. It is often the case that those who suffer from prescription drug addiction are reluctant to stop because they are fearful of experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Prescription drug addiction is very difficult to stop without the help of drug rehab. In order to recover from prescription drug addiction, it is necessary to remain completely abstinent from all drugs and alcohol. Many who have experienced a prescription drug addiction have been able to get sober and lead happy and productive lives that are drug-free with the assistance and teachings of a drug rehab program.

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