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Causes and Stops to Prescription Drug Addiction

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woman holding pills in hand as she struggles with prescription drug addiction


Published: January 13, 2020

Prescription drugs – although prescribed by a doctor – can be just as addictive and lethal as heroin, cocaine, and other street drugs. Prescription drug addiction has become an epidemic throughout the country in the past 10 years. Doctors prescribe these types of drugs to help individuals who may suffer from chronic pain, psychological or physiological issues. These drugs, if not taken properly, can become highly addictive. If the usefulness of the drugs goes beyond treating the specific condition for which they were prescribed it can cause a patient to become physically or mentally addicted.

The Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

If you are worried that you or someone you care about is suffering from prescription drug addiction, look out for the following signs:

  • The condition or pain for which their doctor prescribed the drug has gone away, but they have continued to use the drug
  • They have visited the doctor intending to get more of the drug, rather than because the condition or pain was overwhelming
  • They have not pursued any treatments for their situation other than the drugs
  • Their mood or behavior has become erratic, and they have exhibited sudden anger or irritation and mood swings
  • They have used prescriptions or medications that are not their own, or have been dishonest in order to get more of a drug
  • They have stopped participating in social activities and hobbies, or have otherwise isolated themselves
  • They continually need more and more of the medication
  • They have had financial problems that have resulted from their use of the medication

Prescription drug abuse can come in many guises, but if you or someone you know has exhibited one or more of the above, it is worth contacting a healthcare professional about their prescription drug use.

When It’s Time to Stop

Prescription drug abuse can happen very quickly. Indeed, it can take just a couple of short months before addiction surfaces. It is often the case that those who suffer from prescription drug addiction are reluctant to stop because they are fearful of experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms – a drug rehab facility is a viable option for these addictions.

To recover from prescription drug addiction, it’s important for a patient to remain completely abstinent from all drugs and alcohol. Many who have experienced a prescription drug addiction have been able to get sober and lead happy and productive lives that are drug-free with the assistance and teachings of a drug rehab program.

Reach Out Today

If you or someone you care about is suffering – it’s important to reach out to an experienced medical professional like the ones at Lakeview Health. Contact us online today, or call us at [Direct]. Freedom from prescription drug addiction is just around the corner.

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