Questioning Alcohol Treatment

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November 10, 2010

Questioning Alcohol Treatment

An alcohol treatment center is an addiction program specifically geared to those who suffer from the disease of alcoholism. Clients who go to an alcohol treatment center will be provided with a safe haven to begin their road to recovering from the disease of alcohol addiction.

Some alcohol treatment centers specialize in treating individuals who just have an alcohol addiction. Other facilities specialize in treating those who have an addiction along with other disorders such as anxiety, depression or a bipolar disorder.

The length of time an individual will stay at an alcohol treatment center varies depending on the severity of their alcoholism. Some may choose to participate in residential or inpatient rehab which will permit them reside at the facility while others will just go to sessions during the day at an outpatient program.

The initial step of any quality alcohol treatment center is to take its client through the detoxification process. The purpose of detoxification is to safely and comfortably remove the toxins inside a suffering alcoholic’s body that is a result of chronic alcohol abuse. Detox programs should be overlooked by trained medical professionals twenty four hours a day to make sure that the client is experiencing minimum withdrawal symptoms and are as comfortable as possible. The normal length of time alcohol detoxification takes is between three and seven days.

After detoxification is complete a client will go to the alcohol treatment center to address the psychological aspect of the disease. This is where a client will work with therapists in individual and group settings.  Clients can expect to participate in psychological treatment, family therapy and relapse prevention programs. All of these classes and programs play a key role in a client achieving long term sobriety.

Some questions you should be prepared to ask the addiction specialist are as followed:

  • Will my health insurance be accepted at an alcohol treatment center?
  • Are the therapists facilitating the treatment center certified addiction professionals?
  • What is the accreditation of the alcohol treatment center?
  • Are different programs provided for men, women, age, and sexual preference?
  • Will the alcohol treatment center treat dually diagnosed patients?
  • Is it better to go to an alcohol treatment center in my local area or to travel to a different part of the country?

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