Recipe For Recovery: Lexie Meehan’s Really Good Day

Recipe For Recovery: Lexie Meehan’s Really Good Day

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: June 7, 2017

If you were to eat your life, how would it taste? If the answer were, “It would taste awesome! Full of flavor and love!” then you may not need to read this. However, if your life would taste sour, stale, or if it is hard enough to crack your teeth on, then you might want to read this! Lakeview Health’s Aftercare Coordinator Lexie Leehan tells us how she has been putting together Really Good Days for two years now, in a recipe for a delicious and delectable day in recovery.

Ingredients For A Really Good Day

  • Heaps of Gratitude
  • 24 Hour Stack of Willingness
  • Sponsor (5+ years of sobriety recommended)
  • 12 Steps
  • 1 Meditative Message from Literature
  • 1 Weekly Meeting Minimum (Attend at least 5-7 meetings per week)
  • 1 Home Group
  • Hearty network of people in recovery
  • 2 -3 phone calls a day to people in your network
  • Service work
  • Fellowship, Fellowship, and more Fellowship!

Directions For A Really Good Day

To achieve daily reprieve, combine as followed:

  1. Appreciate! Wake up every morning with a heap of gratitude and speak it throughout the day. Pair this with the willingness to do whatever you have to do to stay sober that day.
  2. Master your meditation. Read a passage from your choice of daily literature upon which to meditate. For best results, meditate at the beginning of each day.
  3. Call your sponsor and/or others in your network. Call 2 – 3 other people in your network.
  4. Attend a meeting every day you can make it. For best results, go early and stay late.
  5. Spice it up! With fellowship, fellowship, and more fellowship! Fellowship every chance you get! (Go make friends.)
  6. Here’s the flavor-kicker. To keep your routine saucy, get a home group and a service position in that group. This helps you with getting involved in the recovery community and getting to know people.
  7. The secret is in the Steps! Meet with your sponsor at least once a week to work on Steps 1-12.

If you ever are feeling uneasy, call someone and talk about it! That phone call can save your life.