Recovering in a Family Program

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September 15, 2010

Recovering in a Family Program


It is a common scenario for a family member to go to drug rehab or addiction treatment and everyone in the family thinks that things will get immediately better for his or her family. The truth of the matter is that drug addiction and alcohol abuse doesn’t just  causes harm/damage to the individual in treatment but it also causes a lot of stress, turmoil and in general major family dynamics. This is why addiction to drugs and alcohol is commonly referred to as the “family disease”. Fortunately, quality addiction treatment centers will provide a family program to participate in and to help the entire family and the addict recover from the harm caused by the disease of addiction.

During a family program family members of an addict will work with addicts (not their family member) and learn about the disease of addiction as well as what fuels it and how their actions may have contributed to their family member’s disease. In addition family members will learn how to create healthy boundaries. Through a family program participants will learn that they cannot save their suffering family members but that they can support them in their journey to recovery. In turn the addict that is in recovery will work with family members of other addicts that are in their inpatient treatment program. There they will learn how their actions have harmed their family members. Family programs have proven to be a huge learning experience for all those involved.
The overall purpose of a family program is to help and guide a family to recovering their relationship and rebuild a strong family system. In order for an addict to recover from their addiction it is pertinent for their family members to learn how to support their recovering loved one without enabling them.

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