Recovery Month 2016: Art Therapy

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September 21, 2016

By: Candace Guillory, M.S., A.T.R.
Art Therapist

About Art Therapy

Photo of classroomWithin the art therapy sessions, I encourage patients to explore identity, barriers to feeling empowered, personal goals in sobriety, and deficits in self-esteem.  I witness patients transform and engage within a creative and spiritual awakening as they draw, paint, sculpt, and create. People who were reluctant to engage in discussing their feelings will begin expressing themselves on paper or canvas through mixed medias. Later, these same patients will utilize their artistic creations as references for organizing and communicating their thoughts. Tying in themes related to recovery, patients use art therapy to explore their inner thoughts, strengths, character defects, and methods of preventing relapse which in turn promotes a supportive and positive regard for one another.

Memorable Patient Quotes

“I feel like I can clear my mind, relax, and lose track of time in here.”
“This is the first group I feel that I can connect to because I can make decisions about what I create.”
“This is my favorite class! I leave feeling like I found parts of myself again.”

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