Reminders That We Are Not in Control

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October 19, 2012

addictive thoughts

Control Issues?

When we are using drugs and alcohol, we know that we are being controlled by external substances. How do we know if our addictive thoughts are controlling us when we are sober? Thinking that we are in control can lead us straight back to substance abuse. Here is a list that may help us recognize when we are trying to take back control of our lives.
Are you experiencing any of these feelings?

  • Frustration when others don’t meet your expectations
  • Rage that you are being treated unfairly
  • Anxious and paranoid that others may notice
  • Feeling chaotic and not accomplishing goals, although we say we are ‘fine’
  • Being impatient with others
  • Desire to escape a situation, thinking that it will be better someplace else

This list can go on. It is interesting that while we think that we are in control, our behaviors and actions toward others look like someone who is out of control. What are some instances that you notice when you have been operating like you were in control?
If we go too long thinking that we are in control, it can lead to thinking we don’t need our support systems and worse, possibly thinking that we can control use. Before it gets to that point, we need to make sure to do a continual inventory of ourselves, recognizing when we try to take back control of our lives.
Your experiences are important to help others in recovery. How do you recognize when you are taking back control?

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