Debunking Residential Addiction Treatment Myths

family understanding the truth behind residential addiction treatment myths

Debunking Residential Addiction Treatment Myths

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: February 2, 2020

Addiction treatment facilities are often thought of or viewed through the lens of a common myth or stigma; mostly because many people have never spent time in one. From lock-down centers to medical intervention – regardless of whatever you have heard, when done correctly, finding the right addiction treatment program is your lifeline for recovery. Here are some common residential addiction treatment myths we’re sharing and debunking.

Myth #1: Treatment is unaffordable

One of the most pervasive myths of residential treatment is that it is not affordable. With the rising health insurance costs and the veil over healthcare treatment, this leads to a confusing road to navigate. Here’s the truth – most addiction centers are covered through a health insurance policy. Calling an addiction treatment center today is the easiest way to navigate this road and know for sure what the costs are going to be.

Myth #2: Treatment means going “cold turkey”

Depending upon the severity of your addiction, you may begin your stay at a residential addiction treatment facility by going through a medical detox process. This is a process by which all controlled substances are removed from your body under medical supervision. It is important for this to be medically supervised because detox can be hazardous on your body and without supervision can lead to death.

Myth #3: Once my body is free of drugs, I no longer have an addiction

As wonderful as this would be, it unfortunately is not true. As researchers at the Mayo Clinic have demonstrated, addiction is a complex psychological and physical disease. Recovery involves far more than just clearing the body of drugs. After detox and residential treatment, outpatient programs like PHP rehab program or IOP rehab program can help you learn to transition back to your life while living a healthy lifestyle and making the right choices concerning your sobriety. Learning how to live without substance use is a life-long journey and treatment is just one step in that journey.

Myth #4: If I relapse, I have failed

This couldn’t be further from the truth and this mindset is one of the most harmful mindsets to have around relapse. Recovery is a process that, for many, means failing and trying again and again. Recovery requires a lot of commitment, consistency, and life-long changes and within all three of those lanes there will be moments of weakness and that’s okay. You can get there, even if it takes time.

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