Restoring Faith in a Christian Drug Rehab

individuals restoring faith through addiction treatment

Restoring Faith in a Christian Drug Rehab

To recover from a dependence on drugs or alcohol, you must believe that you can overcome your disease and move forward. That is to say, at some level, all rehabilitation requires faith. The 12-step programs that are so successful at helping people manage addictions all share a focus on the importance of seeing your addiction in the light of “greater power.” Restoring faith can individuals both during and after treatment.

The acknowledgment of something larger than ourselves does more than provide us with hope and make us wish to avoid punishment. Faith also gives our lives direction and shape, both of which are enormously important in addiction recovery.

A Christian Approach to Rehabilitation for Restoring Faith

A Christian drug rehab helps individuals recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol from a Christian point of view. This means allowing them to focus on God as their “greater power.” Drug rehabs are sometimes reluctant to base their teachings on the teachings of Jesus Christ so as not to offend their clients who are not of the Christian faith, or who are not practicing Christians. But for individuals suffering from addiction that already have a belief in God as their higher power, a Christian approach to rehabilitation is more than appropriate; it can provide the solid bedrock on which a foundation of recovery can be laid.

At a Christian rehab facility like Lakeview Health, we provide the recovering patient with a safe environment, insulated from the temptations and concerns of the outside world. It is essential to be in a sheltered place that is away from any situations that will fuel one’s addiction, especially early in the recovery process. This isolation allows the client to clarify the mind and purify the body as they once again become acquainted with God.

A Faith-Based Program Tailored to Your Needs

At a Christian drug addiction treatment center, clients will take part in more than one type of therapeutic session. Clients at a Christian rehab facility will benefit from individual counseling. This counseling will help them look at the choices that they have made throughout their lives that have ultimately led them to their addiction. In addition, individual therapy will help a client reconnect with God and once again realize how important it is to have God’s presence in their lives. One of the goals of this kind of therapy is to remind clients that to overcome their addiction, they will need to turn to God for help.

During their stay at Christian rehab, clients will also participate in group therapy. These sessions are facilitated by certified addiction professionals and are designed to allow the clients to share the difficulties that they are experiencing in early recovery. It is incredibly beneficial for individuals in the beginning stages of recovery to have others whom they can relate to who are going through the same emotions that they are. Meeting and working with others that have fought and overcome the disease of addiction is both encouraging and motivating.

Reach Out for Help Today

At Lakeview Health, we know the importance of having a source of hope and strength when you feel that all is lost. But the first step to recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is admitting that a problem does exist. If you or someone you care about needs help with a substance abuse problem, contact Lakeview Health online today or call us at 866.704.7692.