Rising Up to God’s Light

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July 03, 2013

jolinda wade addiction recovery

Find God’s Light

In your life, you accomplish many things. Sometimes you have to travel down a long, winding and challenging road to accomplish things and sometimes the path is a charmed one. For JoLinda Wade, you might say her greatest achievement was giving birth to NBA champion Miami Heat superstar, Dwyane Wade. However, according to her son, her greatest achievement has nothing to do with him. His mother’s greatest achievement was leaving a sinful life of alcohol and drugs and turning her life around, dedicating her life to God.

Depths of Darkness of Sin

JoLinda Wade has had a tumultuous past. She started drinking and doing drugs from an early age. She was a young mother of two when she met her husband. She soon gave birth to her famous son, Dwyane Wade. As much as she loved her children and had the sensation her son would be destined for greatness, it wasn’t enough to keep her away from the temptation of alcohol and drugs.
She got high in abandoned, condemned buildings and sold drugs to maintain her habit. Even her family home was not safe from drugs as she would invite friends to get high while her children were at the house. She would go missing for days and her young son would walk through the rough streets of Chicago looking for his mother.

Upward Toward God’s Light

JoLinda served time in prison, was a fugitive and a homeless drug addict. At the time, it might have seemed like her life was wasted, but God had other plans for her. She went back to prison to finish serving a prison sentence and behind bars she became sober and found her way back to God.
Now 10 years sober and a pastor, she preaches in her own church, a gift from Dwyane. Her amazing journey from the depths of sin to a new path in addiction recovery that is centered on our Heavenly Father is her blessed accomplishment.

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