Seeking Out Addiction Treatment Help for Bipolar Disorder

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January 12, 2011

Seeking Out Addiction Treatment Help for Bipolar Disorder

Many who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction also suffer from bipolar disorder.  It is common for individuals who are bipolar to self medicate by abusing drugs and alcohol. For example a person who struggles with depression may find temporary relief through the abuse of drugs. Likewise if a person that has a bipolar disorder is experiencing manic highs he or she may seek temporary relief through the use of opiates. This commonly results in addiction to alcohol and drugs. In order to overcome the co-occuring disorder of being bipolar and addicted to drugs the suffering individual would likely benefit from an addiction treatment center that specializes in dual-diagnosis.

Recover from both bipolar disorder and addiction is challenging.  In order for there to be success in both it is beneficial for the suffering to attend a facility that has both drug treatment and treatment for bipolar disorder. One of the problems for the suffering that comes with addiction is that they may start to forget when to take their prescribed medications.  In addition the side effects that drugs and alcohol have on bipolar disorders can exasperate an already existing mental illness.
There are treatment centers that specialize in dual diagnosis.  Research has shown that in order to completely recover treatment for both problems is a necessity.  Dual diagnosis treatment will focus on both bipolar disorder and drug addiction.  By attending a treatment center that specializes in dual diagnosis the services and therapy used is integrated to help the individual recover from both illnesses simultaneously.

A quality treatment facility will offer a number of different services to treat patients who have dual diagnosis.  Some of these services include family counseling, relationship therapy, case management and individual and group therapy.  A reputable treatment center will provide each individual client with a personalized treatment plan.  A well thought out treatment plan will give the client the hope they have been searching for.

If treatment for bipolar disorder is not properly done drug addiction and alcohol abuse will be very difficult if not impossible to overcome and could eventually lead to death.  Over recent years there have been large advancements in treatment for dually diagnosed people making it much easier for recovery to be obtained and ultimately lead to a happy and productive life.  If you are suffering from bipolar disorder or know someone who is help is available.  With the proper help it is a disease that can be managed.

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