Detox Sets the Tone

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Detox Sets the Tone

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: March 13, 2020

Detox Sets the Tone for Addiction Recovery

Any quality drug rehab will first take a client through a medically supervised detoxification process. “Detoxification” — “detox” for short — refers to the process of eliminating poisonous substances from your body completely. Trying to stop drug addiction without undergoing drug detox in a medical setting can be a very uncomfortable process. It can even be dangerous. Common withdrawal symptoms that patients experience when detoxing from drugs are depression, anxiety, mood swings, restlessness, insomnia, and intense physical and mental cravings for more drugs. Because withdrawal symptoms from drugs can be so unpleasant many individuals who suffer from addiction give up on their detoxification attempts and wind up living a life addicted to drugs.

Medically supervised detox sets the tone for a successful recovery, one that opens a pathway to long-term sobriety. In order to free yourself from physical cravings, it is necessary to have a positive experience in addiction treatment. Being free of physical cravings will allow you to focus your efforts on the psychological aspects of your disease. But starting strong with an experienced detox team can make all the difference, as detox sets the tone for the successes to come. Contact Lakeview Health for answers to drug and alcohol detox FAQs, and learn more about the right treatment program for your needs.

Medical Detox: What to Expect

Many people who suffer from the disease of addiction are hesitant to go to drug rehab because they fear that detoxification is going to be painful and unpleasant. However, when medical professionals supervise detoxification, it is a far more comfortable process. A proper medical detox program, like the one at Lakeview Health, should provide every client with an individualized plan. This approach is crucial as everyone’s body reacts differently to drug detox. Common factors that affect detox are the patient’s age, weight, sex, the length of time they have been abusing drugs, the quantity of the drugs abused, and the chemical attributes of those drugs.

A quality drug detox program will be medically supervised and have around-the-clock medical supervision to ensure that the clients are as comfortable as possible. The staff will observe the clients” progress and administer medication when necessary to ensure that they are healthy and safe. People who suffer from drug addiction often feel like there is little hope. But a drug detox program sets the tone for living a life that is free of chemical dependency.

Medical Detox as a Component of Care

At Lakeview Health, we offer the complete spectrum of comprehensive addiction care. Our medical detox program only sets the tone for the care that follows. After undergoing medical detox, a patient can expect to experience:

  • Residential treatment. Residential care aimed at stabilizing withdrawal symptoms, as well as establishing and putting an individual treatment plan into action
  • Partial hospitalization. Individuals live at home or in a recovery residence while attending full-time treatment at our facility
  • Intensive Outpatient. Structured programming for support as you practice sobriety skills outside of treatment.
  • Aftercare. The transition from treatment into a life of recovery

Rehab tends to work in this order. And medical detox sets the tone for everything that follows.

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At Lakeview, our excellent medical detox program sets the tone for the rest of our programs. From the beginning of your time at Lakeview, our talented, professional staff will walk you through your recovery, no matter what substance you are struggling with. If you or someone you know is suffering, We are here to help. Reach out to us using our secure online form or call us at 866.704.7692. Don’t let drugs and alcohol control your life any longer. Get the help you need today.