Signs of a High Functioning Drug Addict in Your Life

signs of a high functioning drug addict, woman in bed looking ill

Signs of a High Functioning Drug Addict in Your Life

Drug addiction affects people in many different ways. Some will struggle with essential life functions, while others will appear just fine. As a result, you must know the signs of a high functioning drug addict. Doing so can help help you or a loved one recover from substance abuse. Once you spot these signs, the best rehab aftercare program in Jacksonville, FL, can drive your recovery.

What is a High Functioning Drug Addict?

A high functioning addict may appear like they don’t have a problem at all. They may abuse alcohol or drugs but go about their day-to-day tasks. Often, they keep a steady job, hold up a romantic relationship, and even raise kids. Many also have a large circle of friends who don’t even know about their drug use. The sad truth is that millions of people have this type of addiction.

This fact makes understanding the signs of a high functioning drug addict critical. Though they may seem outwardly okay, they are damaging their body and their mind. Drug addiction will always cause damage to a person. Eventually, they will have health problems. Therefore, drug rehab is critical for those in this situation.

Signs of a High Functioning Drug Addict

High functioning substance abuse is a dangerous problem. Your loved one may successfully hide their drug use for years. Some may even attempt to get others to use with them. As a result, you need to observe your loved one to avoid this problem. Just a few signs of a high functioning drug addict include:

  • Making excuses – Often, high functioning addicts work hard to excuse their abuse
  • Denial – Some may try to claim that they don’t use drugs at all, in spite of visible signs of abuse
  • Deteriorating physical appearance – Weight loss, tooth damage, and more all indicate heavy drug use
  • Overdoses – An overdose often shows somebody hiding a drug addiction
  • Emotional isolation – High functioning addicts often isolate those who question their drug use
  • Memory problems – Drug abuse may cause a person to lose memories or struggle to make new ones
  • Financial issues – Even a high functioning addict can run into financial issues related to drug abuse

These high functioning drug addict signs may occur at any time in a person’s life. When they do, you need to get them help. Substance abuse is a problem that only gets worse over time. However, you may find that high functioning addicts fight against treatment. In this situation, you may need outside help.

How to Help Someone With High Functioning Drug Addict Signs

Those with high functioning drug addict signs know how to hide their addiction well. They may even deny that they have a problem. “I go to work and take care of my kids. So what if I enjoy a shot of heroin now and again?” Such language is not uncommon with a high functioning drug addict.

However, their addiction is life-threatening and can destroy all that they love. No matter how high functioning a person may be, drugs will eventually bring them down. As a result, you need to collect the signs of a high functioning drug addict. Then, you should hold an intervention to show your loved one you care.

In many instances, interventions help shock a person into treatment. And once in drug rehab, they can get the care that they need. Professional help is almost always the best step. While your loved one may try to quit cold turkey, they may end up hurting themselves. In rehab, they can get detox to minimize their withdrawal symptom severity.

Let Us Help You Recover

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