Is It Time To Seek Treatment for Substance Use Disorder? Signs You Need Rehab Now

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Is It Time To Seek Treatment for Substance Use Disorder? Signs You Need Rehab Now

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: September 18, 2020

It’s often easier to spot problems in other people before noticing them in yourself. This is especially true when the issue being discussed is substance use disorder. You may not realize you’re drinking more than you should or taking more prescription pain relievers than your doctor recommends, for instance. This is often when family and loved ones step in and encourage you to reach out to a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. But if you live independently, it may fall on you to realize when you need help. For this reason, we’ve put together a short list of signs you may need rehab now. We hope it’s helpful in helping you decide when it’s time to reach out.

Signs You May Have Developed a Substance Use Disorder

A substance use disorder rarely happens overnight. Rather, it develops over time. As a result, it’s more difficult to spot, even in yourself. But if you notice the following difficulties happening in your life regularly, it’s time to seek treatment for substance use disorder:

  • Drugs or alcohol take up most of your waking thoughts.
  • You feel as though your body physically craves a chemical substance.
  • You’re experiencing financial problems that are directly related to the substances you’re taking.
  • You find it difficult to function normally without using your choice of drug or alcohol.
  • You’d like to stop using a chemical substance but can’t do so.

If these symptoms describe you, it’s important that you not judge yourself harshly. Substance use disorder is an illness, never a choice. Recognizing that you may have this condition is a healing step in a healthy direction. Millions of Americans share your struggle, and many are working every day to recover. You can join them, and it all begins with a simple phone call to a drug or alcohol treatment facility in your area.

How Drug or Alcohol Rehab Aids in Recovery

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction involves accountability, a healthy network of peers, and a willingness to achieve sobriety. Fortunately, a drug and alcohol treatment center can help you find these necessities. From your day of admission into a treatment program, you’ll find that life becomes more manageable. Suddenly, there’s a diagnosis for the problem that plagues you, and having a diagnosis is the first step in finding a cure. There’s no need to hide negative feelings of guilt or shame anymore. Everything is brought out into the light, and your problem is addressed, your strength is acknowledged, and your courage is praised. By seeking recovery, you show sound judgment and a level of fearlessness that many people never find. In short, recovery is empowering.

Transitions Happen to Those in Recovery from Drugs or Alcohol

As a client in a drug or alcohol treatment program, wonderful transitions will happen:

  • You’ll learn to treat yourself with compassion.
  • You’ll discover your triggers and learn how to avoid them.
  • Healthy coping skills in times of stress will become the norm.
  • A positive network of friends will embrace you.
  • Your physical health will improve.

If you long for an improvement in your life and independence from drugs or alcohol, these are definite signs you need rehab now instead of later. Reach out today and request help.

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