My Spouse is Reluctant to Begin Treatment for Alcohol… What Can I Do?

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August 21, 2016

My Spouse is Reluctant to Begin Treatment for Alcohol... What Can I Do?Admitting you need help and making the decision to enter into an alcohol rehabilitation program can be an unnerving event. In fact, fear and uncertainty keep a large majority of people from seeking the help they need. Even if they want to turn their life around, the fear of the unknown keeps them frozen in the vicious and destructive cycle of dependency.

What You Can Do To Help A Reluctant Relative Or Loved One Needing Treatment for Alcohol

If your spouse or loved one is reluctant to accept professional treatment for alcohol, providing encouragement and motivation is vital. First, understand that any prospective patient is likely uneasy about the idea of leaving behind their family and friends. They may also be haunted by shame or embarrassment. Others may fear the physical aspect of detox itself, and the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms associated with the process.

If you have a reluctant spouse or loved one, the best thing you can do is be an ally in their life. Many times, threats and ultimatums backfire. The abuser must want help in order for it to be successful, so be patient when trying to get them to commit to rehab. Try explaining in a calm and rational manner how their addiction is affecting their life and yours, and ask them to seek help.

Educate Your Spouse or Loved One About Treatment for Alcohol

Another way to help a reluctant spouse is arming them with knowledge. It’s likely their fear of rehab stems from a lack of knowledge, so being able to ease their stress with positive reinforcement and facts could be extremely helpful. Remind your loved one that they will not have to go through recovery alone, and that their health, progress, and concerns will be monitored and addressed throughout the course of their stay. They will never be left alone to fight their addiction. Nor will they be judged, ridiculed, shamed, or mocked for seeking help.

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Located in Jacksonville, FL, Lakeview Health is run by a dedicated and compassionate staff whose top priority is to help patients through the sometimes uncomfortable detox phase while also providing tools and coping methods necessary to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Don’t let you or your spouse’s fear stop you from contacting Lakeview Health. To learn more about the programs we offer, and to get started on your journey towards long-term sobriety, call 866-704-7692.  

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