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St. Patrick’s Day Sobriety

Blog » Drug & Alcohol Recovery » St. Patrick’s Day Sobriety

March 14, 2013

In recovery we are often faced with holidays that are full of alcohol consumption.  We have been conditioned to celebrate with alcohol but can you celebrate without it? The origin of St. Patrick’s Day is not alcohol based. It comes from Saint Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland. Yes, it is true; the day most people are using to get drunk is in fact a religious holiday.
In 1903, St. Patrick’s Day became a public holiday in Ireland and over time it has become a widespread drinking holiday, especially in the United States. Green beer, green cake, Irish bars and leprechauns are all part of the secularization of this holiday. And that has made St. Patrick’s Day a big one for some of the alcohol-related crashes that occur every year.
You can still celebrate holidays by getting together with family and friends and having fun. I do not suggest going to a bar or staying around inebriated people. You will not be able to stay too long around drunken people now that you are sober; they can be really annoying most of the time. Have a plan if you are going to be around alcohol this holiday. Make sure you stay in touch with your sponsor and have a strategy or relapse prevention plan should you feel any triggers.
How do you plan on spending this holiday? Share your ideas below or on our Facebook page. You may influence your fellow in recovery to take the same path.

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