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How to Stop Drinking and Begin Addiction Treatment

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Published: August 13, 2016

For most people dealing with alcoholism, memories of how they became addicted are often fleeting. It usually happens over a period of time until individuals find themselves slowly increasing their consumption in order to get the desired effect, which is usually to numb themselves from the reality of their life to stop drinking. Knowing how to begin addiction treatment is essential in recovery. 

How to Stop Drinking: The First Step

The disease of alcoholism isn’t going to go away easily, even when afflicted individuals make a conscious effort to cut back or stop altogether. The fact that these people are suffering from an addiction is a clear indication that their defense system against the disease is damaged. If you want to stop drinking, the first step you must take is to admit you have an addiction and are powerless against it. It’s going to take a great amount of internal fortitude to do that, but you do have that kind of strength if you can summon it. Once you’re able to establish you have a problem, you’ll be free to begin looking for ways to solve it.

How to Stop Drinking: The Next Step

You need to reach out for help. There are many places you can start, but the only viable solution is going to be a stay at a professional drug and alcohol rehab center. You would be well-advised to not go looking for shortcuts. The success rate for people who try to stop on their own is nearly zero. You might also hear about a bunch of new, revolutionary treatment methods that offer easy and painless solutions. Unfortunately, nearly all of those options have miserable success rates as well. Again, there are no shortcuts. If you want to build the basis for a lasting recovery from your addiction, you’re going to have to put in the hard work and seek help from a reputable treatment facility like Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, Florida.

Putting Your Faith in Lakeview Health

The best way to start treatment for addiction is to make a complete commitment to the process and select a top rehab facility like the one found at Lakeview Health. Our gender responsive treatment starts most patients off with a stint at our medically monitored detox center. From there, a therapeutic continuum of care treatment model and family counseling are used to help patients better understand the truth about their addiction and learn how to use coping skills to avoid dealing with relapses. Just prior to release from treatment, Lakeview’s counselors work with the patients to develop an aftercare program, which might include an invitation to participate in group activities and special events. If you’re struggling with your addiction and aren’t sure how to stop, you need to contact one of our professional counselors at 866-704-7692. Lakeview Health counselors will be happy to help you understand the importance of rehab and the value of life reclaimed from addiction.

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