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August 15, 2013

larry pfohl recovery from addiction

Build a Strong Foundation with God

Our society values strength, independence and success. When we rush through our day-to-day life, juggling careers, relationships and finances, we tend to lose sight of what is truly important. You might be a strong, self-reliant person but without God, you have nothing. For the former professional wrestler Larry Pfohl, the life that he led was sinful and self-centered. Although blessed with physical strength, he fell apart when he saw himself alone and in trouble.

Life Built on Sand

When Larry Pfohl entered the ring, he became world champion “Lex Luger.” His life became consumed with money, women and drugs. He admits that his arrogance and self-reliance led him astray. Pfohl dealt with divorce and the death of his girlfriend (ruled an accidental overdose), followed by arrest for felony drug possession.  He later became paralyzed from a spinal injury. Pfohl felt alone and weak. He realized all he had built and found important was nothing and gave him no strength or support in the difficult times.

Life Built on the Rock

Matthew 7:24-27 tells us that that those who build a house on the rock have a foundation that is strong and solid. Those who build a house on sand will have their foundation washed or blown away. God is the rock that we need to build our lives on to have a sturdy and solid core. God never lets His children down when they build their lives on Him; Pfohl did just that.
He began to build a relationship with God and prayed while he was getting treated for his paralysis. When he surrendered to God, He took care of Pfohl and healed his paralysis. Now, he is healthy, volunteering his time at a counseling center and began a nonprofit organization.
Drug Rehab for Christians seeks to help those addicted to drugs or alcohol.  Our Christian drug rehab program follows the teaching of Christ as it relates to addictive behaviors. Call our program directly at 888-616-0460 for admission information.

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