How To Treat a Substance Abuse Disorder

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September 28, 2016

substance abuse disorderIf you’ve been struggling with a substance abuse disorder or know someone in your life who has, you may be at a loss regarding what to do for this problem. Without question, experiencing this disease can be a lot to deal with.
Addiction can wreak havoc on every part of your life. It affects your family, your friendships, your career, your finances and your health. It’s also one of the hardest diseases to overcome.

Signs and Symptoms of a Substance Abuse Disorder

In order to know if you’re truly suffering from this disease, check out these signs and symptoms that may begin to appear in your life. These are physical, emotional, social and circumstantial signs.

  • You’ve tried to quit using but you can’t
  • You don’t go more than a day or two without using
  • You make excuses for yourself and your addiction
  • If you stop using for a short period of time, you notice withdrawal symptoms right away
  • Friends, family members or co-worker has said things to you about your drug or alcohol use habits
  • You’ve started to notice health problems associated with your drug or alcohol abuse
  • You’ve been drained financially because of your addiction habits
  • You’ve gotten in trouble with the law or lost your job over your addiction

How to Take Care of Yourself When You Have a Substance Abuse Disorder

Knowing what to do when you have an addiction can be difficult. Keep in mind, however, that professional treatment is always the answer. Only a professional rehab facility has the resources and staff to help you attack this serious disease at its foundation.
We understand that it may be tempting to try to stop abusing drugs on your own when you’ve realized you have a problem. It can be embarrassing to admit that you have a problem to friends or family members, and you may not feel like you’re worthy of treatment or that you will be turned away because your treatment isn’t that severe.
Professional help is the only truly effective solution. At Lakeview Health, we have helped hundreds of individuals just like you get back on their feet after addiction. Let us extend our hand and help you as well.

Lakeview Health Can Help Get Your Life Back on Track

Lakeview Health has medically monitored detox programs in addition to full residential treatment plans. We offer track plans for both men and women, and we have a number of holistic programs, such as equine therapy, art therapy, yoga, meditation and music therapy as well. To learn more about the treatment programs we offer, call Lakeview Health today at (866) 704-7692.

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