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How a Substance Abuse Program Helps the Modern Family

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Published: September 14, 2016

Although seldom discussed, the effect the modern family has had on substance abuse and detection has been profound. The modern family has been compromised by family members always on the go and the sense of independence each person maintains. This creates a gap of communication that often leads to the non-detection of substance abuse, especially when teenagers are involved. A quality substance abuse program can get you back on the right track.

The Importance of Family When Substance Abuse Appears

Substance abuse is a solitary endeavor. For the people who are suffering from addictive behavior, avoiding the family and not being found out is an imperative. With the high costs of living, everyone else in the family tends to have jobs, which creates an opportunity for troubled family members to abuse substances, even at home. Without family members around to identify the behavior, an addiction has the opportunity to fester until it reaches critical mass. Consider this: the American Society of Addiction Medicine reported that 47,055 people died from drug overdoses in 2014. After considering thousands more died because of alcohol abuse, you have to wonder how many of those poor souls were able to hide their addiction from family members who were too busy to detect what was going on?

A Quality Substance Abuse Program Includes Family

There are literally several hundred thousands of substance abuse programs in America. While most of them might involve a family member or two at some point during the treatment process, it’s seldom enough to make a difference. That’s a shame because family members should be considered an important part of any patient’s support mechanism once he or she is ready to leave treatment. Fortunately, there are a few highly respected programs that provide extensive family education and therapy as part of a base treatment program. One such facility is Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, Florida. The facility’s four-day family treatment program focuses on connecting patients with their family members through education, therapy and counseling.

Lakeview Health: A First Rate Substance Abuse Program

As part of Lakeview Health’s gender responsive therapeutic treatment model, all aspects of addiction are addressed. Many patients are put through a medically monitored detox program to prepare them for treatment. In some cases, patients are found to have medical and emotional issues that require dual diagnosis treatment if the issues are relevant to the addiction. After detox, therapy and family counseling, patients are discharged with an opportunity to participate in effective aftercare and alumni programs as a way to stay focused on recovery. If you’re ready for addiction treatment and want your family involved in the process, Lakeview Health is the right treatment facility for you. It’s up to you to start the process by picking up the phone and calling us at 866-704-7692. From that point on, we’ll have your back as we work together to set you firmly on the road to recovery.

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