Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal to Expect

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal to Expect

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: October 25, 2016

Fear of the unknown is a common reason for those suffering from alcohol dependence to shy away from treatment. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, in particular, create unease among those who would benefit from professional help. Do you know what to expect? Would you be able to guide a loved one through this conversation?

Understanding Symptoms and Causes

Each individual struggling with alcohol abuse experiences withdrawal symptoms differently. Different factors include the duration of use and average consumption. For this reason, onset and severity—as well as the actual symptoms of alcohol withdrawal—can be difficult to predict.

  • Onset: The first symptoms can arise as early as four to six hours after your last drink. For others, it may take 12–48 hours to notice anything.
  • Behavior: Irritable, anxious, or agitated behavior patterns can manifest themselves. Some may show even show moderate disorientation, and—in less than 5% of all cases—hallucinations.
  • Physical changes: Excessive perspiration, high blood pressure, and heart palpitations can occur. Sometimes, tremors of the extremities accompany the sweating. In very severe cases, those going through withdrawal may experience seizures.

Dealing with Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

It can be tempting to try handling the detox phase alone. However, the NIAAA cautions that it can be difficult to foresee the dangerous consequences associated with self-detox. A medical intervention allows for a safe process that minimizes discomfort and protects you or your loved one’s health throughout the process. Citing available studies, those completing an outpatient detox phase have a 50% chance of continuing alcohol treatment. These are not good odds. Additionally, you may be unaware of pre-existing health conditions. Medically monitored detox protects men and women’s safety and good health. In a supportive setting, alcohol withdrawal is combat.

Getting Help

You or your loved one can overcome addiction with the right assistance. A multidisciplinary treatment approach offers the highest likelihood of success. Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, Florida, provides medically monitored drug and alcohol detox in a gender-responsive setting. Contact us today at 866-704-7692, and get started on the road to recovery.