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Addiction Recovery as a Tool for Mental Wellness

group therapy for addiction recovery for mental wellness

You’ve battled addiction and mental health issues. You feel positive about your future. Yet, you are also confident you need to aggressively work to maintain your mental health through your recovery. You can learn how to use what you have learned in addiction recovery as a tool for mental wellness by turning to the team

Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

therapist and client discussing mental health and addiction recovery

If you have used drugs and alcohol, gone through treatment, and started on the path to recovery, you have achieved a great deal. Yet, it will always be necessary to work on maintaining this clarity and sobriety. Your mental health and addiction recovery will need to be a constant focus in your life, especially in

Staying in Recovery While Practicing Social Distancing

woman curled up practicing social distancing

As the country works together to reduce the spread of COVID-19, many are encouraging the practice of social distancing. However, for those in recovery, social distancing can often bring more questions coupled with anxiety than answers and calmness. Those in addiction recovery shouldn’t panic and let this concept scare them. One of the best ways

Recovery From Addiction is Possible

recovery from addiction, woman outside smiling as the sun shines down on her face

It’s possible to recover from addiction. No matter what you’ve been told in the past, you can get better. You may have tried before and been unsuccessful with recovery. We understand how frustrating that can be. It’s demoralizing and can make you feel like giving up. But you don’t need to do that. Recovery from

What is a Recovery Community?

Many people have the misconception that once you or your loved one completes treatment, they go back to the regular lives they were living prior to getting clean and sober. While part of that may be true, apart from returning to your job or your hometown (if it won’t compromise your sobriety), a big part

Quitting Cigarettes Improves Chances of Beating Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Cigarette smoking is still the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, accounting for more than 480,000 deaths every year or one of every five deaths. Smoking is especially prevalent among people with substance use disorders. While cigarette smoking has declined among the general public, a significantly larger percentage of people

How to Train Your Psoas

Do you know someone who has unexplained low back pain? Do they spend most of their day sitting? The problem could lie with the featured muscle of this week’s Muscle Monday: the psoas. The psoas works alongside the iliacus to flex the hip. It does so due to its origin on the lumbar spine, and

Importance of Cardiovascular Exercise In The Fight Against Mental Illness And Addiction

February is known throughout the country as “Heart Month”. More important than Valentine’s Day and love interests, February distinguishes itself from the focus on cardiovascular health and wellness. With regards to addiction recovery, the importance of heart health is exponential. A commonality in the field of addiction and recovery is mental illness. Depression, anxiety, and

Avoiding the Snake in the Treatment Center Grass

No matter where in the United States you live, you’ve probably seen a commercial, heard a radio advertisement, or seen something on the internet about getting help for alcohol or drug addiction. These include some promising that the patient be cured after a short stint in treatment, some having websites with misleading photos and information,