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Running in Recovery

By Michele Fry I will not go into my childhood, but to say the least, it was a nightmare. My childhood guided my thinking and helped to shape my image of myself. I saw an ugly, worthless, and never good enough person. I couldn’t live within my own skin. I didn’t know then, as I

Don’t Wait for the Consequences of Drug Abuse to Unfold Before Seeking Help

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) defines addiction as a “chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.” Most addiction professionals work with this definition, but the terminology of addiction is changing. In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association introduced the comprehensive diagnosis of substance use disorder

Adult Addiction Statistics in the United States [Infographic]

Addiction statistics highlight the reality of the addiction epidemic in the United States. While they’re troubling, they can also encourage individuals to seek help or become proactive when helping others get the necessary treatment for recovery. Drug Addictions Begin Every Day in the USA While the addiction epidemic is undeniable, realizing the daily toll can

Exercise Improves Physical and Mental Wellness for People in Addiction Recovery

It’s often forgotten that our brain is the source of our physical and emotional wellness. Our brain controls our feelings of pleasure, reward, our sense of balance and coordination. You know that seemingly natural ability you have to move your arms or legs, see the beautiful sky, or taste your favorite ice cream? Your brain

Lakeview Health Podcast with Skylight Sober Living

House Manager and Recovery Coach, Ryan Dees, from Skylight Sober Living visited with Gina Thorne, VP of Marketing at Lakeview in Jacksonville, Florida. During their discussion we learned all about Ryan and the work that Skylight Sober Living is doing in the Dallas, Texas area for men in early recovery. Watch the podcast below to learn about

Lakeview Health Podcast with Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

Pat Cronin, Director of Business Development at Northeast Addictions Treatment Center sat down with Gina Thorne, Lakeview Health’s VP of Marketing, during his visit to the Lakeview Jacksonville campus. Based in Quincy, Massachusetts, Northeast Addictions Treatment Center provides evidence-based intensive and outpatient treatment programs. Learn more about what Northeast ATC offers by watching the podcast below.

Lakeview Health Podcast with Infinite Sober Living

Stevie Williams is the founder of Infinite Sober Living, a women’s program based outside of Asheville, North Carolina. During Stevie’s visit to the Lakeview Health campus, our VP of Marketing Gina Thorne, learned more about Infinite Sober Living. Check out their podcast! To learn more about Infinite Sober Living, visit their website at

Lakeview Health Podcast with Foundations Wellness Center

Addiction recovery happens in various ways for people. Foundations Wellness Center offers individuals outpatient options — from their Day/Night Treatment to IOP to outpatient services. Bryan Lapkin and Russell Guccio came to Jacksonville to visit the Lakeview Health campus and during their visit spoke with Gina Thorne about their program. To hear how they got

Lakeview Health Podcast with White Lily House

White Lily House is a faith-based sober living program for women in Kerrville, Texas. Co-founder Nikki Saurage met with VP of Marketing Gina Thorne to talk about the program. Listen to their conversation and learn more about the work White Lily House is doing by clicking the link below. To learn more about While