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Lakeview Health Podcast with Insights Therapy

Mary Sanger, licensed therapist, Founder & CEO of Insights spent some time with us at the Lakeview Health Jacksonville, Florida campus. During her visit she sat down with Gina Thorne, VP of Marketing, to discuss the programs at Insights, which is based in Dallas, Texas, as well as her book, Ready to Talk: A Companion Guide

Lakeview Health Podcast with In2Recovery

Gina Thorne sat down with Ken Sieczkowski, CIP, CSAC, BRI-II Interventionist, CEO & Founder of In2Recovery to learn more about their program. Watch their podcast below. To learn more about services offered at In2Recovery, visit their website at Podcast Transcript Gina Thorne: Good morning everyone, this is Gina Thorne, and welcome to the Lakeview

Lakeview Health Podcast with Calvary Addiction Recovery Center

Lisa Hinson, Director of Business Development at Calvary Addiction Recovery Center sat down with us to talk about Calvary’s program in Phoenix, Arizona. Watch the video podcast below. To learn more about Calvary Addiction Recovery Center, you can visit their website at Calvary Addiction Recovery Center Podcast Transcript Gina Thorne: Hi everyone, this is Gina

When Games Can Help With Recovery

Many people first encounter drugs and alcohol as part of a leisure activity. For patients in recovery at Lakeview Health, recreational activities are part of learning how to have fun in sobriety. Recreational therapy goes well beyond fun, though. While participating in the activities, patients acquire important recovery skills. “Learning through doing is a common