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How to Manage Your Stress

happy female smiling after learning how to manage your stress

Today, stress is all around us. From pressure at work, to caring for a family, and everything that falls in between, all of us experience stressful situations from time to time. But while some of us can experience the stress and move on, others experience stress differently and reach for harmful substances to help them

The Importance of Alcohol Detox for Recovery

happy woman smiling after alcohol detox

Are you struggling with alcohol addiction? Do you find yourself dependent on alcohol to make it through your day? Or does your loved one drink more heavily than you feel comfortable with? Is their drinking becoming an issue? If this is the case, it’s time to seek out help for alcohol abuse and addiction. When

The Importance of Medical Detox

woman ponders the importance of medical detox

If you’re seeking out addiction treatment for your loved one, it’s crucial to understand that they may require the full continuum of care. In many cases, the beginning of a comprehensive addiction treatment plan is medical detox. Understanding the importance of medical detox will allow you to make educated decisions on the care of your

Are You Avoiding Worry Through Substance Abuse?

individual being confronted about avoiding worry through substance abuse

Your brain is doing an infinite number of jumping jacks. You feel like you have extra energy with no outlet. Excessive worry is present, but you are not sure why. And then it gets worse: You can’t focus at work, school or home. You just want to escape and hide. These are all characteristics of

Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention: Why Programs Work

happy female after Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Why feel the heartache when you suspect that your child is using drugs or alcohol? Why put yourself through even more of an emotional rollercoaster when you confirm your suspicions? To prevent children from using drugs or alcohol and possibly struggling with addiction, adolescent drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs may be helpful. These programs

Substance Abuse and Compromised Immune Systems – What it Means for COVID-19

woman with a Compromised Immune System sick in bed

As the world faces a pandemic with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many are concerned about how this may affect them. There who are at higher risk for contracting the virus and having more severe complications are those with a compromised immune system. This means for substance abusers, their risks increase if they do contract the