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Methadone Just as Harmful as Heroin

There is a misconception that methadone addiction is not as dangerous as a heroin or opiate addiction. Nothing could be further from the truth. Methadone is highly addictive and dangerous. Their are many horror stories of individuals who became addicted to methadone and did not seek out help.

Addiction Treatment Offers the Final Product

It is not uncommon for individuals who struggle with opiate addiction to try to get their addiction under control through the use of either Suboxone or methadone. Suboxone and methadone programs are not likely to work and in most cases just substituting one drug for another.

Breaking Free from Addiction

The disease of addiction is a very lonely place. Most who struggle with addiction have made numerous unsuccessful attempts to stop the downward cycle of their drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction has caused many to lose their homes, jobs and families.