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4 Major Impacts of Alcohol Addiction on the Body

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Alcohol is a chemical that can cause damage once it has entered the body and begins to move through the system. The body can work to remove it, especially initially and in smaller doses. Yet, over time, alcohol addiction forms, leading to a number of health complications and behaviors. If

How Can I Help My Alcoholic Husband?

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Living with an alcoholic partner can be very difficult. Anyone who is struggling with an addiction is undoubtedly struggling with a lot of internal issues, and this can be hard on a relationship. This, coupled with the fact that alcohol is a drug notorious for causing emotional outbursts, irrationality, and memory loss can be very

Cocaine and Alcohol Dangers

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Do you know someone who mixes cocaine with alcohol because they’ve heard it helps prolong the high? This practice of mixing powerful drugs such as stimulants and depressants may have devastating effects on your physical and mental health. In fact, it may lead to a condition called “polysubstance use disorder.”

Mixing Xanax And Alcohol: This Is What You Need To Know

Mixing Xanax and Alcohol: Know The Dangers Many individuals have easy access to two common substances in today’s society – Xanax and alcohol. While the substances alone seem harmless, misuse of either can have harmful effects, and mixing the two can lead to even more serious complications.  One of the most widely prescribed drugs in

Signs of Teen Binge Drinking

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By Lakeview Health Staff Lakeview Health Staff Binge drinking is far more than just enjoying a glass or two of wine in the evenings or knocking back a couple of cocktails on occasion. Binge drinking is defined as excessive alcohol use, and it is when individuals consume four or more alcoholic beverages in under two

Does Alcohol Addiction Only Affect the Alcoholic?

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By Lakeview Health Staff Lakeview Health Staff It’s no secret that individuals who struggle with alcoholism need the help of a professional alcohol addiction treatment center. Numerous programs are available for those wishing to begin their recovery journey. However, alcohol addiction is far-reaching in who it affects. Those closest to an individual struggling will start

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Albany, GA

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By Lakeview Health Staff Lakeview Health Staff As researchers at the non-profit Center for Addiction have pointed out, one in seven Americans suffers from addiction. This means that more than 40 million people are struggling with substance abuse in this country. That’s more than the number that suffers from cancer, diabetes, and even heart disease.

What Are Alcohol Shakes?

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By Lakeview Health Staff Lakeview Health Staff You started drinking alcohol as a teenager. At first, it was maybe once a week at a party. Then you started drinking a couple of days a week, after work with your friends. Next, you started drinking every evening to unwind. Now, you find that you need alcohol

Is Alcohol Withdrawal Dangerous? What You Need to Know

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By Lakeview Health Staff Lakeview Health Staff People experiencing alcoholism may ask, “is alcohol withdrawal dangerous?” almost every day. This concern is understandable. Many avoid quitting because they are worried about withdrawal. Unfortunately, the dangers of withdrawal have often caused many to keep drinking and hurting their bodies. Unfortunately, those who try to quit cold

How to Stop Drinking and Begin Addiction Treatment

By Lakeview Health Staff Lakeview Health Staff For most people dealing with alcoholism, memories of how they became addicted are often fleeting. It usually happens over a period of time until individuals find themselves slowly increasing their consumption in order to get the desired effect, which is usually to numb themselves from the reality of