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January 9, 2020 | Lakeview Health |

You started drinking alcohol as a teenager. At first, it was maybe once a week at a party. Then you […]

November 23, 2019 | Lakeview Health |

People experiencing alcoholism may ask, “is alcohol withdrawal dangerous?” almost every day. This concern is understandable. Many avoid quitting because […]

August 13, 2016 | Lakeview Health |

For most people dealing with alcoholism, memories of how they became addicted are often fleeting. It usually happens over a […]

August 10, 2016 | Lakeview Health |

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that an insidious disease like alcoholism can affect people at any age. Even though […]

August 6, 2016 | Lakeview Health |

Making the decision to enter a rehabilitation recovery center to conquer alcohol addiction is a tough choice many people will […]

As reported in a Miami-Dade County Youth Substance Abuse Survey in 2014 as well as other sources, 43 percent of […]

March 31, 2016 | Lakeview Health |

According to a 2014 report conducted by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the number of alcohol-related deaths […]

March 25, 2016 | Lakeview Health |

Addiction doesn’t just happen. A variety of different paths actively bring individuals into this situation. Some people are genetically predisposed […]



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