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Characteristics of a Rehab Program

group learning what characteristics of a rehab program to look for

How do you know where to go to get the care you need? If you are struggling with drugs and alcohol, you may know the road ahead is challenging. You want your best shot at getting clean and finding your way forward. That means understanding the characteristics of a rehab program best suited for you.

Women and Wine: The Current Mommy Wine Culture

young woman struggling with women and wine

In today’s society, especially with the current pandemic, we are seeing an increase in drinking within the media. From drinks being shared with friends out at a bar to encouraging drinking at home to unwind, we are constantly exposed to alcohol consumption. One pairing we are consistently seeing is women and wine. Women are constantly

Top 5 Characteristics of the Best Alcohol Rehab

group therapy taking place at the best alcohol rehab

How do you know what to look for when deciding where to go for alcohol rehab? There are 5 characteristics that we can use as parameters for choosing the best alcohol rehab facility. Usually, by the time we realize that we need treatment, we have lost money, relationships, jobs and have physical problems. We suffer