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Drug Abuse & Addiction

Seven Myths About Drug Addiction [Infographic]

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Meet The Editorial Team Author Larry Ellington Larry Ellington [dm_author_links type="author" heading="Recent Articles" extp_id="6176" limit="5"] [dm_author_links type=”editor” heading=”Recently… read more Published: February 19, 2021 In order to overcome drug addiction and enjoy lasting recovery, it’s important to get all of the facts. By debunking some of the most common myths

Watch Out For These 5 Symptoms of Heroin Use

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Meet The Editorial Team Author Alexis Leehan Alexis Leehan Lexie Leehan, CRC is the Alumni and Aftercare Supervisor for Lakeview Health. As an alumna of the program, she truly understands what our patients… read more Published: February 18, 2021 Heroin is an illegal drug with highly addictive qualities. Available for

Factors to Consider In Choosing a Drug Rehab Program

individual choosing a drug rehab program

Drug addiction ravages people’s lives many people find treatment in a drug rehab program very beneficial in learning how the disease of addiction has affected him or her. Addiction occurs overnight for some and for others it takes years before he or she is willing to accept help.

The First Step to Attacking Addiction

happy friends after attacking addiction

Overcoming addiction is not an easy task. The first step to become free from addiction is admitting that a problem exists and asking for help. Addiction treatment can help individuals who have been fighting with the disease of addiction to learn how to live a life and be happy without the burden of chemical dependency.

Going to a Florida Drug Rehab for Addiction Help

group of new clients entering a Florida Drug Rehab

Leaving there hometown to go to addiction treatment can be very helpful. By leaving their hometown for addiction treatment it will allow an individual to escape all of the distractions that family and their hometown can cause and let them concentrate all their effort on their early recovery.

Addiction and Social Class: Bursting the Myth

man falling into the stigma of professionals and addiction

Anyone is capable of struggling with addiction no matter what their background is. It doesn’t matter how successful or how big of a house they have. Addiction does not discriminate. The best way to get help for alcohol or drug abuse is through addiction treatment.

Recovering in a Family Program

family recovering in a family program

Family programs are the best ways for an entire family to learn about addiction to drugs and alcohol and how to cope with it in a healthy, productive manner. Quality addiction treatment programs will offer a family program to all of its clients family members.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis Treatment

a man receiving dual diagnosis treatment

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Meet The Editorial Team Published: January 8, 2020 Many people who suffer from drug addiction also suffer from a co-existing illness that affects their mental state – such as depression, bipolar disorder, mood disorder, anxiety, and many more. Some individuals may not even realize their underlying mental health disorder could

The Need for an Individual Drug Detox Plan

therapist and client creating an individual detox plan

Quality drug detoxification will provide each client with an individual protocol to help them get through their detox. Depending on the type of drugs and the amount being used on a regular basis will play a key factor into the protocol needed for detoxification.

Family Program=Family Recovery

couple learning about a family program

Because addiction is a family disease Lakeview Health Systems places emphasis on their family program. A family program will help family members of an addict or alcoholic recover from the damage that was done during their loved ones active addiction.