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6 Benefits of a Self-Help Network for Those in Recovery

group taking a diy approach to recovery

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Meet The Editorial Team Author Philip Warrick Philip Warrick Philip Warrick, LMHC started his career in the field while working as a Substance Abuse Counselor at an inpatient facility in Tampa, Florida… read more Published: September 3, 2021 In addiction treatment, the term used is self-help. And it works. They

Should I Still Seek Rehab During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

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Everyday concerns and anxieties around the COVID-19 pandemic continue to rise in the U.S. With more and more restrictions around socializing, “shelter-in-place” orders being placed, and travel protocols being implemented, it may leave you wondering if you should even seek help for your addiction in the current climate. Lakeview Health Chief Medical Officer, Lantie Jorandby