Teachers and Substance Abuse in Today’s Environment

teacher struggling with substance abuse

Teachers and Substance Abuse in Today’s Environment

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: November 27, 2020

Substance abuse can be found among teachers just as in every other segment of society. At Lakeview Health’s Florida location, we have helped many teachers and other professionals overcome substance use disorders. Learn more about teachers and substance abuse and how we can help.

How Does Substance Abuse Start for Teachers?

For teachers looking for anonymity, a residential drug abuse treatment program can provide the guidance you need to get healthy without ruining your reputation. Educating children and young adults takes a toll even for the most dedicated teachers. 

This mentally and physically demanding job can lead to stress. Often, teachers turn to alcohol or other substances to relieve stress after a full day. Unfortunately, this can lead to dependence and addiction over time. 

Teachers and Substance Abuse Statistics

Addiction does not follow guidelines for age, gender, or profession. In fact, the rate of addiction among professionals has increased in recent years. Our addiction treatment for professionals can help teachers who want to detox and recover from alcohol or drug addiction. 

Check out these statistics to better understand the problem of teachers and substance abuse:

  • Across all professions, nearly 9% of full-time workers report heavy alcohol use in recent weeks. nearly 9% also said they used illicit drugs in the prior month. 
  • Approximately 10% met the eligibility for substance abuse treatment programs. 
  • In education, under 5% of professionals admitted heavy alcohol use or drug use. 

Although individuals in the teaching industry had the fewest number of alcohol and drug disorders, 5% is still a significant statistic, pointing to the need for reliable detox and recovery for these important professionals. 

Effects of Addiction for Teachers 

There is a correlation between job stress and drug and alcohol use among professionals. Teaching involves a lot of responsibility with limited resources. Many fine educators do their best to cope with the stress of the job, both inside and outside the classroom. However, teachers who find themselves in trouble with alcohol or substance use disorders can turn to Lakeview Health for supportive detox and recovery services.

The cost of ignoring alcohol and drug dependency outweighs the benefit of hiding your problem. You may find yourself becoming detached from your students as guilt and dependence on illicit substances impact your job performance and self-esteem. Your addiction can also create issues with your home life. Fortunately, the professional therapists at our facility in Florida can teach you new ways to work out your stress and fight cravings.

Don’t let drugs and alcohol strain your relationships to the breaking point. In the workplace, addiction puts you and those around you at risk. Rather than risk your career, come to Lakeview Health for our residential addiction treatment or outpatient addiction treatment programs. We can help you regain your health and confidence in the classroom and elsewhere, without substance abuse. 

Addiction Treatment Geared Toward Teachers

Our counselors and other staff members know how to deal with teachers and substance abuse issues. Addiction treatment for professionals can help you take control of the situation and wean your body off drugs and alcohol safely. 

Our discreet center in Florida offers the following programs to help you stay positive in recovery: 

Gender-Specific Substance Abuse Programs 

Lakeview Health offers gender-specific programs that work for teachers and substance abuse treatment. We have a men’s rehab program called The Star and a women’s rehab program called The Rose

While each of these programs targets the needs of each gender, the programs also hold common core values and treatment approaches. 

Treatment programs and methodologies used for men and women include the following: 

Substance Abuse Program for Teachers in Florida

Don’t let substance abuse ruin the joy you have for your joy and family. Lakeview Health has locations in Florida ready to help you heal. Contact us today at 866.704.7692 for more information about how teachers can maintain their privacy while recovering from drug and alcohol use at our Florida facility.