Teaching Balance in Addiction Treatment

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August 24, 2010

Teaching Balance in Addiction Treatment


Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a slow process.  It is often said that it is easy to get sober but difficult to stay sober.  Early recovery should consist of going to meetings on almost an every day basis, building a support group, talking with a sponsor on a regular basis and doing some step work here and there.  In early sobriety as long as one can get through the day, one at a time without “picking up” a drink or a drug then the day should be considered a success.  The individual in early recovery from drugs and alcohol should not put to much pressure on themselves.  Good addiction treatment programs will teach its clients not to get ahead of themselves and give each client a treatment plan that is methodically put together for them.

Finding a healthy balance is very helpful in early recovery.  Do some physical activities and make sure to enjoy some downtime whether it be watching television or reading a book.  The purpose of getting sober is to start to once again enjoy life which should include some of the activities that were done before drugs and alcohol started to consume a person’s life.  One of the main ingredients necessary to staying sober is learning how to have fun in sobriety.  Drugs and alcohol will skew a person’s thoughts on what they perceive to be fun.

No one is going to be able to get sober all at once.  It is a slow process.  The key is to keep plugging away naturally.  Don’t get overwhelmed by not being able to immediately grab onto a concept or idea.  As long as you keep moving forward you will naturally find you niche and figure out works for you.

People suffering from drug and alcohol addiction are accustomed to extremes so finding balance can be a challenge.  Between a job, family obligations and financial stress life can be very hectic enough without having to deal with addiction.  In recovering from addiction it is essential to recognize limitations.  One needs to know when to say “no”.  Not just to drugs and alcohol but to taking on tasks and favors to others that potentially will lead someone to feel overwhelmed. Quality drug rehab will help each client put together an aftercare plan to abide by which help them to maintain balance in their life and giving them the best chance at achieving a long term, quality sobriety.

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