Christian Mason - Lakeview Health

Christian Mason

Team: Business Development,
Position: Client Services Representative

Christian Mason is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in the healthcare industry. He joined Lakeview Health as a Regional Client Services Representative for the Georgia area in 2023 and is eager to continue making a positive impact in his community.

Christian began his journey at Abbott Laboratories, where he spent a decade honing his skills and gaining valuable experience. During Christian’s time there, he developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of the pharmaceutical field.

Driven by his passion for helping others, he transitioned into specialty pharmacy, focusing on providing compassionate care to individuals struggling with opiate use disorder. Christian specialized in offering support and guidance to patients seeking a path towards recovery, particularly through the use of medication-assisted treatment including Subutex, Suboxone, and Sublocade.

While continuing his pursuit of making a positive impact, Christian ventured into hospital sales with UHS, taking on the role of national business development. This allowed Christian to utilize his expertise in building strong relationships and fostering collaborations within the healthcare sector.