Giovanni Rocco

Team: National Accounts,
Position: National Accounts Representative

Giovanni Rocco is a retired law enforcement officer and fourth generation first responder officer with more than thirty years of service and training experience.

He has contributed to the development of behavioral, mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation programs designed to engage and strengthen the resiliency of our nation’s first responder and military agencies.

Giovanni has been a keynote speaker and lecturer for private corporations and public agencies throughout the United States and internationally. The insight and strategies he shares in his lectures and trainings were acquired through almost thirty years of exemplary service with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. As a decorated investigator, a subject matter expert, as well as a husband and father, Giovanni brings a realistic outlook and insightful understanding as to what our first responders are experiencing in today’s work environment. Giovanni offers the solution-focused steps needed to resolve the inner conflicts prohibiting our nation’s guardians in attaining maximum personal performance.

Giovanni is a nationally certified crisis event interventionist and successfully published author.