Top Ten Reasons You Might Need Addiction Treatment

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March 30, 2012

  1. 10 Reasons to Seek Addiction Treatment

    Happy Hour Turns to Happy Day? Seek Alcoholism Treatment

    Your friends and family keep asking you if you have a drinking problem.

  2. Your hands shake when you wake up and you are not cold.
  3. You celebrate the weekend starting on Wednesday with drinks.
  4. Happy hour is a daily event and begins in the morning on the weekends.
  5. During the weekdays you have alcohol with your morning juice to decrease the sick feeling from drinking the night before.
  6. Morning juice turns into a phone call to work that you are sick, but you are really are going to the bar at 11am when they open.
  7. You stay so long at the bar you cannot find your car in the parking lot when it’s closing time.
  8. You call in sick to work again.
  9. You figure you will just day drink since you are not going to work.
  10. You are crying and feel frustrated that your life has not changed since college and that your life continues to revolve around the next alcoholic event.

Although there are many humorous stories related about alcohol consumption the truth is that it is extremely dangerous and addiction can develop rapidly even when you think you are just having a good time. The progression of this list actually depicts the most common occurrences for those that abuse alcohol, until they find themselves regretful and alone.
Number 10 on this list describes when addicts become tired of being ‘sick and tired’ and usually become self-motivated for alcohol addiction treatment. There may be other issues that also influence the decision for alcohol treatment but the internal motivation is the most helpful for the process.

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