Ten Tips for Early Recovery From Addiction

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July 11, 2011

Ten Useful Tips for Addiction Recovery

Early recovery from alcohol abuse and drug addiction is very challenging. Part of the treatment program at Lakeview Health involves a very effective aftercare program which focuses on helping you achieve success in addiction recovery.

If you are currently in recovery and looking for tips to recover, here is a list of 10 actions that can be taken to help protect early sobriety and avoid relapse:

  1. Stay away from individuals who use drugs and alcohol.
  2. Do not put yourself in any situations where there may be a possibility of people using drugs. Temptation in addiction recovery can be a killer.
  3. Make sure that you do not have possession of drugs at any time. In early recovery an individual can be prone to feel like they need to help out their friends they used to use with. They have a sense of loyalty that they don’t need to have.
  4. Make sure to read labels of drugs that are over the counter. Just because they are over the counter drugs doesn’t meant that they will not “trigger” your addiction.
  5. Make sure to get involved in a twelve step fellowship whether it is Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Instrumental ongoing support can be found in these respective twelve step fellowships.
  6. Work the twelve steps with a sponsor and keep in contact with that sponsor regularly.
  7. Try to spend as much time with others who have more recovery time then you do. Remember, we are the company that we keep.
  8. Avoid isolating too much. It’s fine to spend some downtime alone as everyone needs it but be aware of how much time you spend alone.
  9. Get some exercise on a regular basis. Even if that means just walking. Exercise has become an integral part of many individuals recovery program.
  10. If you feel like using call someone. You would be surprised how an obsession can be subsided when you tell on yourself. Even if you feel like using and don’t you should tell someone.

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