The Dreaded Holiday Office Party

The Dreaded Holiday Office Party

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: December 11, 2012

The Dreaded Holiday Office Party

Everyone prepares for the annual time of awkwardness where we socialize but aren’t really friends: The Dreaded Holiday Office Party. You tend to deal with your discomfort with alcohol and here you find yourself again facing the dilemma: To drink or not to drink?

Holiday Office Party and the Alcoholic

Are you planning on control drinking at the office party? Does it ever work out? You always drink more than you expect and always seem to be affected by alcohol faster and more than other people. It’s embarrassing. You are a great employee and yet you always seem to do something you regret at the holiday office party. Don’t have your alcoholic behavior be the next day water cooler talk, or worse, end up on YouTube or Facebook.

Addiction is a progressive disease. It typically amplifies over the holidays instead of slowing down. Call us at 866.704.7692 and get help today!

Alcohol lowers inhibitions.  Remember to have a few rules about alcohol and offices parties:

  1. Don’t drink too much.
  2. Don’t treat the party like a singles bar.
  3. Don’t use obscene language.
  4. Don’t forget your boss’s name.

At some point, you know that you will probably not be able to follow these rules. Oh and by the way, if you have drinking rules, you probably shouldn’t be drinking. People who do not struggle with alcohol don’t think about placing rules on their drinking behaviors. Don’t let history repeat itself. Get the help you need by entering alcohol addiction treatment and avoid having to deal with another embarrassing event. Lakeview Health knows your legal rights to have medical detox and treatment without losing your job.

In Recovery at the Holiday Office Party

You are sober. You have gone to events before and have been surrounded by alcohol. This time is no different, except you anticipate people will ask if you want to have a drink. This is inevitable. People who are not alcoholic don’t understand the problem you have with alcohol. So you prepare for the question. This is part of the relapse prevention plan-what to do in the midst of events with alcohol.

Quick tips include:

  1. Have an exit plan.
  2. Take a sober friend.
  3. Keep a schedule for checking in with your sponsor.
  4. Practice what to say when someone offers you a drink.

Even if your co-workers know you are in recovery, there is always that one who continues to make comments. Don’t let that person get under your skin. Anger and frustration are huge relapse triggers and you want to prevent this risk during the holiday. One motto that you learned in Alcoholics Anonymous is to ‘keep you side of the street clean.’ That is one way of not allowing anger and frustration to build up.

Get Help Now!

Need treatment? The holidays shouldn’t delay your move to enter treatment. It is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season. Call Lakeview Health at 866.704.7692 and they can help you smoothly enter treatment and get help today! Family members and friends might try to keep you home for the holidays. They don’t understand that your addiction is a progressive disease. It typically amplifies over the holidays instead of slowing down. Don’t take the risk of trying to manage your addiction alone this holiday.