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Recovery – The Gift That Never Stops Giving

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December 12, 2013

You can find blogs this time of year about what to do when children ask about Santa Claus. What’s appropriate to say at what age? One of those posts on the Menninger Clinic website had pointers like:

  • There’s no right or wrong answer.
  • Plan what you want to say.
  • Tell the truth – while keeping the magic alive.

Gee, a lot of this sounds like an intervention. And that could be true. Think about the myths people cling to in alcoholism and addiction. What sorts of magical thinking are they using so they can keep using? Things like “I need the alcohol and drugs to cope” or “I can quit any time.”
Myths gain their strength from the magic we attribute to them. You can debunk them and leave a mess behind. That can be flat-out telling a child there’s no Santa Claus or telling someone he or she needs to shape up and get it together without drugs or alcohol.
Maybe it’s not magic you need to keep alive for an addicted loved one, but hope. The hope that they can stop what they are doing with the right help. The hope that life is worth living without drugs. Parents can show children the holiday magic that comes from thousands of people working as Santas or buying gifts for others. The same magic can happen for someone struggling with addiction. Feeling special and love can happen, and even making it through the day can still happen without being drunk or stoned. A worthy life is out there, free of drugs and alcohol.
A recent study about addiction confirms what a lot of people knew. People using drugs are not necessarily chasing the high, but trying to avoid the lows. The only hope they know is through abusing drugs and alcohol. But hope can come in many forms and one of them is addiction treatment. It can teach them to face the world and find the magic that is around them all year-round if they could see it.
Lakeview Health can help you or a loved one struggling give the gift of sobriety during the holidays. Don’t let someone ruin another holiday. Call our intake counselors 24/7 at 866.704.7692 for help anytime.

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