The Need for an Individual Drug Detox Plan

therapist and client creating an individual detox plan

The Need for an Individual Drug Detox Plan

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: January 7, 2020

At Lakeview Health, we know that there are as many roads to recovery as there are people suffering from addiction. The idea that there is a single cure for anyone with a substance abuse issue grossly underestimates how unique each of us — and each of our situations — is.

The nature of these differences is why at Lakeview, we make it a point to tailor each plan to the individual. We do this kind of individualization, as one might expect when designing our one-on-one and our group therapy sessions, as well as of many of our other clinical and psychological treatments. But what you might not expect is that the very first stage of recovery — medical detoxification — also requires this kind of individualized approach.

The Importance of Detox

“Detoxification” — “detox” for short — refers to the process of eliminating substances from your body completely. Trying to stop drug addiction without undergoing drug detox in a medical setting can be a very uncomfortable process. Common withdrawal symptoms that patients experience when detoxing from drugs are depression, anxiety, mood swings, restlessness, insomnia, and intense physical and mental cravings for more drugs. Because withdrawal symptoms from drugs can be so unpleasant many individuals who suffer from addiction give up on their detoxification attempts and wind up living a life addicted to drugs.

The Medically Supervised Detox Difference

But a medically supervised drug detox does not have to be an unpleasant experience. A proper medical detox program, like the one at Lakeview Health, should provide every client with an individualized plan. This approach is crucial as everyone’s body reacts differently to drug detox. Common factors that affect detox are the patient’s age, weight, sex, the length of time they have been abusing drugs, the quantity of the drugs abused, and the chemical attributes of those drugs.

A quality drug detox program will be medically supervised and have around-the-clock medical supervision to ensure that the clients are as comfortable as possible. The staff will observe the clients’ progress and administer medication when necessary to ensure that they are healthy and safe. Staff will also communicate with the family about treatment progress and answer questions about medical detox. People who suffer from drug addiction often feel like there is little hope. The integrative treatment at our drug detox program is the first step to living a life that is free of chemical dependency.

Start on the Road to Recovery Today

After years of helping people struggling with addiction issues, we here at Lakeview health have learned that some of the most challenging steps are the earliest ones. Reaching out can not only be difficult because it is hard to find the time to put your life on hold and give yourself the care that you deserve. It can also be hard because it can be hard to admit that you have a problem, both to yourself and to the world.

But if you are ready to take that chance at a better life. A life in which you are in control and the substances are not. A life that will be infinitely happier and freer, not to mention considerably longer. Then it is time to make that call. Contact Lakeview Health online, or call us at 866.704.7692. Your life is waiting.