The Need for an Intervention to Help Get Sober

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March 09, 2011

The Need for an Intervention to Help Get Sober


Why do people make the decision to get sober from alcohol abuse and drug addiction? Some people have a moment of clarity and make the decision on their own to go to addiction treatment to get sober. The other side of the coin is the individual who does not feel that their chemical dependency is an issue not realizing how their addiction has had a negative impact on their life. For those who are not able to come to grips with their addiction on their own terms, it is likely they will need to have an intervention in order to get the help that they need. Knowing how to do an intervention is key to helping your loved one get sober.

The main purpose of an intervention is for close family members and loved ones of an addict to sit down with the addict and let them know exactly how their addiction has directly affected them and what actions they are prepared to take if their loved one doesn’t get the necessary help for their addiction. It is often helpful to have a trained professional help mediate the process of an intervention. When an intervention takes place it is necessary for everyone involved to stay calm and in control of their emotions.  Without a professional leading an intervention, it is quite possible that it can turn into a screaming and yelling match and ultimately result in the addict charging out of the room without agreeing to get the necessary help that they so desperately need.

Whether an addict comes to grips with their addiction on their own or has to experience an intervention they are likely going to need the help of addiction treatment in order to achieve long-term recovery from chemical dependency. The professionals at a quality treatment center will work closely with each client to give them the individual attention, individual treatment plan, and individual aftercare plan to make long-term recovery possible.

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