Trying to Get Sober without a Medical Detox

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December 14, 2010

Trying to Get Sober without a Medical Detox


Getting sober from drug and alcohol abuse without going through a medical detox program can be extremely difficult if not impossible. When it comes to dealing with addiction it is important to know that addiction is a disease and that it is both psychological and physiological.

Once becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol an individual will become physically dependent. They will not feel like they can function properly without drugs or alcohol in their system. Depending on the primary drug that is being abused their may even be painful physical withdrawals when the drug is not in their system. An example of a drug that causes physical withdrawals is the lethal drug heroin. Alcohol and other drugs like benzodiazepines can be dangerous to detox from without professional medical help. Left unsupervised detoxification from drugs can result in dangerous and even possibly deadly seizures.

Through a medical detox an individual will be able to safely detox from alcohol or whatever drugs they have become physically dependent on. Medical professionals at a detox facility will assess each client to determine what needs to be done in order to make the detox process as comfortable as possible. Once the detoxification process is complete a client will no longer have a physiological dependency to drugs and alcohol and will be able to concentrate all of their efforts on the psychological aspect of the disease of addiction through addiction treatment and the various types of therapy that it provides.

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