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Valium Addiction Treatment Center

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Valium Addiction Treatment Center


Published: February 17, 2020

As early as 1977, the U.S. National Institutes of Health were aware that doctors were overprescribing valium. And that trend has far from reversed. In fact, in the last few years alone the prescription of anxiety medication and increased exponentially. The diagnosis of anxiety disorders is as high as it has ever been. And the Anxiety and Depression Society of America estimates that upwards of 18% of Americans suffer from anxiety. The fact that doctors are prescribing millions of Americans benzodiazepines like valium — and that many more are self-medicating with them — demonstrates the value of a quality valium addiction treatment center.

Do I Need a Valium Addiction Treatment Center?

In the first place, because of the severity of the addiction, people who abuse valium need professional help. It is a complicated addiction to treat. There is also a high propensity for relapse.

Second, it is crucial to understand that valium addiction almost always starts slowly. Maybe you take one pill every day or two when you have slept poorly or are especially stressed out. But soon you are taking this dangerous benzo every day, and instead of helping, it is hurting. After a time, patients who are addicted always feel anxiety when not on valium, and can’t sleep without it. This is why it is so important to get treatment at a valium addiction treatment center as soon as the signs of addiction appear.

But those signs can be complicated to identify. As use increases, however, these symptoms become more evident if you know what to look for. Note: the signs of valium addiction are very different from the symptoms of addiction to other substances. In fact, they often have more in common with the symptoms of alcohol addiction.

Individuals who need a valium addiction treatment center:

  • Demonstrate motor impairment, losing their balance or “wobbling” frequently
  • Slur their speech
  • Have fluctuating appetites, sometimes binging and other times not eating at all
  • Have dilated pupils
  • Exhibit inconsistent moods, particularly when it comes to depression or irritability
  • Tremble when they are not on the drug

If you or someone you know is expressing any of these symptoms, it is time to contact a valium addiction treatment center.

What to Expect at a Valium Addiction Treatment Center

A question that we often get a Lakeview Health involves what to expect at a valium addiction treatment center. There are three main steps that every individual with a valium abuse problem undergoes at Lakeview:

  • Intake. At intake, we will take a medical history and determine if you have underlying mental conditions fueling your addiction.
  • Medical detoxification. Detox involves ridding your body of all valium. This can be a painful process, but it is a necessary first step in recovery. At the Lakeview valium addiction treatment center, we tend to do this by tapering off. Quitting valium “cold turkey” can be very dangerous.
  • Counseling. Treatment after detox will look different for everyone. But individual counseling and a group therapy program is at the heart of recovery. At Lakeview, the program usually starts as an inpatient treatment and then continues once you have left our facility.

Taking the first steps are always hard. But you owe yourself a life free from valium addiction.

Contact Lakeview Health Today

If you are worried that you or someone you know needs a quality valium addiction treatment center, don’t hesitate. Contact Lakeview Health by using our secure online form or by calling us at [Direct]. You’ll be happy that you did.

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