Happy 99th Veterans Day from Lakeview Health

Happy 99th Veterans Day from Lakeview Health

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: November 11, 2017

Happy 99th Veterans Day from Lakeview Health

Americans have remembered those who served our country in uniform on November 11th for the last 98 years – originally as Armistice Day, and after 1954, it became known as Veterans Day. In the 99th year of commemoration, the Department of Veterans Affairs is broadening that tradition of observance and appreciation to include both Veterans and Military Families for the entire month of November. The sacrifices these men and women (including the families) are valuable to our nation beyond measure. Lakeview Health is proud to employ several Veterans in all areas of the company. Today we want to recognize the IT Help Desk team in Jacksonville, Dominique Hatcher and Freddie Brown. Both of these men are Veterans and their current roles are crucial to the success of Lakeview Health. There are many parallels between serving in the military and working in the private sector of substance use disorder treatment. Dominique shared how their experiences in the military helped prepare them to work behind the scenes at Lakeview Health:

“The biggest parallel between my military service and my job at Lakeview Health is that I’m in service to something and/or someone that’s bigger than myself. There are millions of people struggling with some form of addiction all over the world and there are not nearly enough people working in the field to adequately provide help to all of them. Despite the fact that I work on the technological side of things, it still impacts the level of care that the patients receive, so I have to approach it from the same mindset in order to do the best I can for those in need.” 

– Dominique Hatcher

Name: Dominique Hatcher

Branch of Service: Air Force/USAF

Years of Service: 8 Years

Military Rate: 3C0X1 Communications-Computer Systems Operations


Name: Freddie Brown

Branch of Service: US Navy

Years of Service: 20 Years

Military Rate: Electrician


Lakeview Health Salutes Our Veterans

We want to show appreciation for all the United States Military Veterans in the Lakeview Health family for all of the sacrifices they’ve made for our country. Thank you for bringing that excellent level of service to our organization. Today is your day. Stand proud.