Why Traveling Out of State for Addiction Treatment can be your Safest Option

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Why Traveling Out of State for Addiction Treatment can be your Safest Option

By Daniel
Published: August 17, 2020


Taking the first step to finding a treatment program that is right for you, is a brave and huge achievement. When looking for treatment centers, it may be natural to look at those closest to you because that’s where you may be most comfortable at the moment. Additionally, with coronavirus cases still high, you may feel like the best option is to stay within a close proximity of your home. While staying in your hometown/state may feel like a safer option, leaving your surroundings for out-of-state addiction treatment could be your best chance at a successful recovery.

Jamie Stevens, VP at Lakeview Health and an experienced clinician shares, “Lakeview Health provides a safe and comfortable residential treatment program that gives you a break from everything happening in the outside world - and away from the people, places and things that have kept you active in your addiction.”

Coming to a high-quality treatment facility like Lakeview Health can not only get you healthy in a place where patient safety is a top priority, we can also provide you the tools to keep you in recovery once you leave us and re-enter the outside world. We have done everything possible to mitigate risks and make our facility a home where you or your loved one can focus on what’s important – your recovery.

4 Reasons to Leave Your Current Surroundings for Treatment

1. Higher Completion Rates:

Did you know that those who attend an out-of-state rehab program had a 12% higher completion rate than those who stayed in state? This is largely because getting out of your comfort zone and away from drug and alcohol triggers gives you the ability to solely focus on recovery.

Separating yourself from the sources and routines that accompany your dependence on substances can help you to break the cycle you are currently living in. Here at Lakeview Health, we help you to overcome those barriers with holistic care that focuses on a patient’s mind, body and spirit – addressing any and all triggers and underlying factors that are the driving forces behind your substance misuse.

2. Quality of Treatment:

By only searching in your immediate vicinity, you may be limiting yourself to accessing the best-quality care. Your treatment should not be limited by what is only around you. You may not even know exactly what you type of setting you need to be in to be successful. This is why at Lakeview Health we encourage you to call us and get a complimentary assessment that will help you understand the type of program you need. We will also direct you to an alternate facility that will better suit your needs if we are not the best fit.

3. Motivation to Stay in Treatment:

Leaving your surroundings for rehab often provides a sense of motivation for a patient to stay in and complete their treatment programming. There is an added emotional, time and monetary investment with going out-of-state and this often can make the difference for patients to stay in treatment, because there is a higher level of commitment to be successful.

4. New Faces and New Places:

Leaving your environment and coming to Lakeview Health in beautiful and sunny Jacksonville, Florida gives you the opportunity to be surrounded by the support of people who truly understand you. The tight bonds you will form with other patients and staff who know where you came from, where you are at and where you want to go will be instrumental in creating a support system outside of treatment. Having a reliable support system of people who know what you are feeling – both physically and emotionally can help you avoid relapse later. This is because the relationships you will form with peers in residential treatment are often instrumental in helping you to maintain long-term abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

Choosing the Right Out-of-State Residential Treatment Center for You

Lakeview Health is dually accredited by two of the most demanding agencies in the industry. We are a nationally recognized treatment program located in Northeast Florida. Our Chief Medical Officer is one of only 200 dual-board certified physicians in addiction psychiatry and neurology in the entire United States The program she runs at Lakeview Health is a best-in-class offering.

Here are a few of the highlights of our best-in-class program:

  • Clinical staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means no matter the hour, you have someone available to address any medical need you may have.
  • We have masters-level therapists and on-site physicians that are here with the sole purpose of empowering profound recovery. We believe high-quality treatment starts with our people – who are truly Difference Makers. This is why we require our therapists to be at the highest level of education and our physicians to be on-site so we can address even the most complex patients.
  • Individualized treatment just for you. We have a saying at Lakeview – “we meet patients where they’re at”. Meaning just like everyone’s addiction is different, so is their treatment plan. We offer multiple types of therapies to ensure our patients can find what helps them address their addiction in the best way. We increase your awareness, teach you how to build your self- esteem, listen and help you find the right tools to address your triggers and be successful in life after treatment.
  • A robust aftercare program so patients are not left on their own when they leave us. From the moment a patient steps in the door, our aftercare and alumni team start planning for what life looks like when you return home. This allows us to give our patients the very best chance at a successful recovery.

Start Your Journey to a Safe Recovery with Lakeview Today

Addiction should never be taken lightly, which is why we have placed a lot of thought into why you should choose us as your out-of-state residential treatment center. We meet patients where they are at with holistic and personalized treatment plans that suit what you or your loved one needs.

At Lakeview Health, we have spent decades helping patients navigate the challenges of everyday life while trying to get sober and healthy. Choosing an addiction treatment center like Lakeview means finding the guidance and support that you need. Contact Lakeview Health today or call us at 866.374.0561 to begin your journey.

You can have a great life - and we can help you get there.