The Danger of Mixing Wine and Benzos

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: June 19, 2020

When it comes to substance abuse, we often talk about people abusing one substance at a time. Most discussions focus on one or the other, whether it be consuming too much alcohol or misusing a prescription. However, there are many instances where individuals begin to mix substances, sometimes without even noticing. Because alcohol is a legal and easily accessible substance, individuals don’t think of it as a harmful drug. One common combination is mixing wine and benzos. If you’re struggling with mixing these substances together, it’s time to seek out help from a polysubstance addiction treatment center.

What Are Benzos?

Everyone has an understanding of what wine is. However, not many understand what benzos are. Benzos, or benzodiazepines, are medications that help treat anxiety disorders, seizures, and sleep disorders. They are one of the most prescribed medications currently in the United States and are a type of less-addictive barbiturate. But that doesn’t mean that they’re non-habit forming at all. Benzos should always be used with care, at the instruction of a medical professional. Misusing these prescriptions, like mixing them with alcohol, can quickly turn into a problem with benzo dependence and addiction, which can lead to negative health consequences.

Why Do People Mix Wine and Benzos?

There are a few reasons why people tend to mix the two substances. The first being that most people don’t consider alcohol a drug. It’s also easily accessible, making it a common fixture at parties, other social events, and even in the home.

Another reason people tend to mix the two substances is that they believe that mixing a controlled medication is safer than using an illicit substance. Since they know where the prescription came from, they don’t see the danger in using it as they please.

One of the biggest reasons for mixing the two substances is that it can enhance the effects of one, or both, of the substances. This tends to stem from the chemicals within the brain and how the two substances change the balances.

Regardless of the reasoning behind mixing wine and benzos, the dangers are still present, and the practice should end with the help of an alcohol addiction treatment program.

Dangers of Mixing Wine and Benzos

There are several dangers that come with mixing wine and benzos. These can include the following:

  • Reduction in cognition- Mixing both substances can lead to reductions in cognition, which can place yourself in dangerous or risky situations.
  • Reduction in reflexes- Wine and benzos are both sedatives, which can reduce your reaction time and make driving a vehicle or operating any kind of machinery extremely dangerous.
  • Risk of physical dependence on one or both substances- As you continue to use the substances together, your body will become accustomed to the chemical changes that occur, making withdrawal symptoms occur when you end your use abruptly.

To avoid these and other dangers, seek out the help of a professional drug addiction treatment center to detox and begin treatment.

Addiction Treatment at Lakeview Health

If you’re struggling with polysubstance abuse and mixing wine and benzos, reach out to Lakeview Health for help today. Our team knows the challenges being faced today and how stress and anxiety can lead people to mixing these harmful substances. Our addiction treatment programs provide the support and care you need to recover from addiction.

To stop mixing wine and benzos, contact Lakeview Health today. Our team is ready to help you with the admissions process.

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