Without Medically Supervised Detox, Recovery is Difficult

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December 20, 2010

Without Medically Supervised Detox, Recovery is Difficult


The vast majority of people who struggle with the disease of addiction whether it is to drugs or alcohol want to get clean. One of the hurdles that prevent many from becoming free of chemical dependency is detoxification. It is very common for addiction to continue because an individual is fearful of how detoxing from drug and alcohol abuse is going to make them feel both physically and mentally.

Done properly, the detoxification process does not need to be a painful experience. Any quality addiction treatment program will have a medical detox program for its clients to go through before they begin working with therapists and certified addiction professionals in addiction treatment. Before the detoxification process begins a client should be assessed by a medical professional to find out what drugs they were using, how much they were abusing and how long they were abusing these drugs for. These are just a few factors that will play a key role in a medical professional deciding what type of protocol to put a patient on. Typically it takes between four to seven days to properly detox an individual but an addiction treatment should not rush the process as it is essential if one is going to be able to achieve a long-term quality sobriety.

Once detoxification is complete, if done properly, there will no longer be a physiological obsession for drugs and alcohol. This is pertinent as it will afford someone recovering from addiction to focus all of their energy on the psychological aspect of their addiction.

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