Addiction, Treatment and Recovery Infographics

Lakeview Health’s infographics are a visual representation of the disease of addiction. They are great for communicating the latest information about drugs, alcohol, addiction and recovery. Filled with facts paired with pictures, infographics are an effective educational tool.


The Importance of Aftercare
The Importance of Aftercare [Infographic]
By Lakeview Health on January 12, 2017
In today’s world, individuals are always on the lookout for a quick fix. From weight loss to education, fast is often seen as best. In rehab and addiction treatment, however, there is no instant cure. Aftercare is a critical element to ongoing sobriety and preventing relapse. Relapse occurs when people in addiction recovery turn ...
The Mental and Physical Consequences of Marijuana Use
Mental and Physical Consequences of Marijuana Use [Infographic]
By Lakeview Health on December 19, 2016
Public opinion on marijuana consumption has become increasingly favorable, as statewide votes declared marijuana use legal in some states. However, public opinion doesn’t necessarily take into account the side effects of consumption. Marijuana can cause physical and mental consequences that impacts users, their future children and their social relationships. The jury is still out ...
Drug Use Effects on the Adult Brain
Drug Use Effects on the Adult Brain [Infographic]
By Lakeview Health on December 8, 2016
While it’s well documented that drug use among adolescents can create lifelong problems, it’s important to not overlook the problems associated with adult drug use. Drug use effects can cause comas, memory loss and reduced intelligence. Worse still, these negative issues can arise after just a single use. Drug use, and particularly an ...
Adult Opioid Use in the United States
Adult Opioid Use in the US [Infographic]
By Lakeview Health on November 30, 2016
Drug use isn’t a new issue in the United States, but there’s no question that opioid use is on the rise. With millions of people at risk, billions of dollars on the line and no end in sight, now’s the time to seek education on the risks of opioid consumption and addiction. ...
Important Addiction Statistics
Adult Addiction Statistics in the United States [Infographic]
By Lakeview Health on November 15, 2016
Addiction statistics highlight the reality of the addiction epidemic in the United States. While they’re troubling, they can also encourage individuals to seek help or become proactive when helping others get the necessary treatment for recovery. While the addiction epidemic is undeniable, realizing the daily toll can be staggering. In the United States, there ...
cost of alcohol addiction
Cost of Alcohol Addiction
By Lakeview Health on October 14, 2016
Every year, alcoholism results in thousands of unnecessary deaths, millions of failed relationships and countless mental and physical health problems. It can also, however, create a significant impact on the economy. The cost of alcohol addiction is in the billions, and the only way to end this expensive cycle is to offer more addiction treatment ...
Teen Heroin Statistics
Teen Heroin Statistics [Infographic]
By Lakeview Health on October 14, 2016
The opiate-based drug heroin is incredibly addictive, and it’s well known as one of the hardest drug addictions to break. While all demographics are susceptible to heroin addiction, teens are a particularly vulnerable group. Examining teen heroin statistics can reveal just how problematic heroin use is for young people in the United States. Compared ...
Teenage Alcoholism
How to Combat Teenage Alcoholism [Infographic]
By Lakeview Health on September 14, 2016
Alcoholism isn’t an illness that targets adults exclusively. Teens, and in some cases even children, can fall victim to the disease. To combat teenage substance abuse, awareness and education is key. Knowing more about teen alcohol abuse and addiction can be instrumental when it comes to preventing teens from drinking.  It could also help ...
Teenage Substance Abuse
Warning Signs of Teenage Substance Abuse You Can’t Ignore [Infographic]
By Lakeview Health on August 29, 2016
The teenage years are often a time of experimentation when it comes to music, clothing and hairstyles. Unfortunately, many teens also experiment with substance abuse. Knowing the warning signs of teenage substance abuse can make it easier to take action. One of the biggest signs of teen substance abuse is a decrease in academic performance. ...
Drug Addiction at Work
How to Address a Co-Worker’s Drug Addiction at Work [Infographic]
By Lakeview Health on August 29, 2016
Working closely with someone means that you’ll be exposed to their behaviors, their personality and possibly even signs of their drug addiction. Addressing drug addiction at work has its challenges, but it could help your co-worker get the help and treatment they need. Here are some tips explaining how best to address a co-worker’...